About Us

The Rainbow Preschool exists to provide an age developmentally appropriate environment for young learners. Our focus is to teach the whole child, not just their brain. We teach them to live, to love, and to grow; promoting each child's spiritual, social, emotional, physical and cognitive development through a supportive and nurturing environment. These aspects can naturally integrate to create maximal and effective learning. 


We believe that each child is unique and we do our best to nurture the natural gifts that each one brings and shares with us. We also believe that what truly makes a difference in a child's life, besides the methods, materials and curriculum, is a teacher who cares about each child and teaches from their heart. 

We encourage the children to be confident so that they can speak when they need something. We teach the children to pass along a toy once they are finished so they can practice generosity. Encouraging children to care so that they can offer a hug to a hurting friend. 

We encourage children to investigate their world, explore, socialize and develop critical thinking skills. We allow children to be angry, frustrated, or upset because it happens to even the best of us. We teach children that mistakes are allowed because that is how we grow. We encourage children to hope because sometimes we need it to see the other side of the rainbow


Our objective is to support children's desires to be life-long learners.


"My criteria for founding the Rainbow Preschool was to establish a school where I would have sent my own children or grandchildren.  I wanted my school to have nurturing teachers, creative programs, flexible hours and a nice facility with a terrific playground.  It was also very important to make it affordable to local families. I feel the Rainbow Preschool meets all these needs."

-Founder, Sue Daniels